Ales Kafelnikov said that he hates Russia

Алеся Кафельникова заявила, что ненавидит Россию

When videobritney models hit the media, she began to make excuses.

It all started with the fact that in the vast social networks in one direct vlogging the daughter of a world famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov informal talking with his friends. Communication was in English. Someone this stream Alesya Kafelnikov live recorded and published.

18-year-old girl is now in London, where he works as a model. By the way, recently, she has been actively fill the media and make certain statements. This time, Kafelnikov seems to have decided not to hold back, thinking that says it’s a closed audience.

Photo: @alesyakaf

Translation of what was said by the daughter of a famous athlete: “I do not love Russia. Only in Russia people use. It’s awful! This, I think is everywhere, but in Russia, happens all the time! I’ve got a career in another country, I should be proud of. People ask me why I hate Russia. Of course, I hate Russia! I want my country to be proud of me, but you are not proud of me, and just gossiping! I don’t like Russian mentality: people care more about themselves than about others. If you’re a star, hate you, don’t love you, gossip about you!” Writes Life.

However, after the emotional videobritney daughter Yevgeny Kafelnikov became available to the General public, Ales began to persecute and her words began to comment on deputies of the state Duma. Then the model contacted journalists through their representative and tried to make excuses.

“I want to apologize to those offended. I may not have enough knowledge of the English language to correctly convey the information in my posts. I meant absolutely another. I am sad that my countrymen Hayat me because I work in Europe, and I need support. I love Russia and care about what happens in it! It’s a tough time, you need to support the country, not to find fault with her!” publishes Life apology Kafelnikov.