Ales Kafelnikov proved to experts that are not sick

Алеся Кафельникова доказала экспертам, что не больна The daughter of a famous tennis player has long been accused of excessive thinness. Live the Manager young model rose to her defense. And after the video message the Alessi Kafelnikov everyone in the Studio admitted that the girl looks perfectly healthy.
Алеся Кафельникова доказала экспертам, что не больна

For several weeks the communications Minister, daughter of a famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales. Many are concerned about excessive thinness young models. Some even suspected that the girl was close to anorexia. Ales regularly puts in his microblog pictures, which she seems too skinny.

In order to tell how actually things are going with the health of Kafelnikov and protect a young model from the attacks decided her Manager Vadim Romanovich. On the program “live,” he completely denied the rumors that Ales is threatened by anorexia.

“Eugene A. participates directly in the education of Lesya and cares, he goes to her shows, he is really watching her diet. They constantly visit doctors, given that this is a sports family, they look after their health. No doctor gave this diagnosis, which can be discussed now,” said Vadim.

However, some experts still said that Kafelnikov looks too thin. They are not much convinced by the stories of friends that Lesja okay, she is full of optimism and leads a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, experts argued that the disease can develop unnoticed by all others. But nevertheless, they rightly observe that it is not always the photos to reflect the real picture.
Алеся Кафельникова доказала экспертам, что не больна

Despite the fact that Les could not be present personally in the program, she found a way out. The girl has recorded a video message in which he talked about his diet, and admitted that very clearly refers to the fact that eats.

“I believe that I am a healthy person. My height is 175, weight is 48 kilograms. I really limit themselves in food, try to eat – meat, fish, I eat it all. I limit myself to only fast food and carbohydrates, such as pasta, pizza, because I don’t like and think it is harmful,” said Kafelnikov. Бронирование Airbnb

After these frames almost everyone in the Studio agreed that she looks quite fresh and vigorous. Video convinced that the health of 17-year-old model was in no danger. But there were those who even then was considered abnormal current weight of the teenager in relation to growth. In response to such a statement present in the Studio were asked not to forget about the individual characteristics of the organism.


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