Алеся Кафельникова стала копией бойфренда Recently, the model surprised fans with a sudden change of image. Ales Kafelnikov said goodbye to long curls. Now a young beauty flaunts a Flirty Bob. Fans of Ales disliked her new image.

      Алеся Кафельникова стала копией бойфренда

      18-year-old Ales Kafelnikov quite often changes its image. In October last year, the girl dyed tresses in a trendy shade of pink. New hair color Alesya caused heated discussions on the Network. Some fans fully supported the young model, while others have criticized her new look. “Well, why?” “I you natural liked”, “what a pity, the color was gorgeous, emphasized unreal eyes!”, – discussed the fans Alesya.

      And Kafelnikov again decided on a sharp change of image. The young girl bravely said goodbye to long curls that her fans found very feminine and romantic. The results of his transformation, the girl shared on social networks. Now Ales is the owner of a Flirty Bob.

      Fans of the model are quite disliked her trendy hairstyle. Part of the social network users found that Ales to face a new look. “You”, “Cool”, “So beautiful”, “Very stylish and modern”, “High”, “Nice,” they wrote. However, other subscribers of the models did not approve of her bold experiment. “Long is better”, “Oh”, “no”, “So unusual”, “Really?”, “Why are you circumcised?” – wrote in comments to the publication of beauty.

      At the same time, some fans of Kafelnikov thought she was a copy of her boyfriend, a famous youth rapper Pharaoh. “Love is when you become like soul mate”, “it Seemed that the photo Gleb”, “are You the same steel,” “And you are brother and sister?” – discussed the fans of the model. And one of podeschi Alesya and all remembered the creativity of her lover. “Cold “Siemens”, – said the girl, quoting the hit, which blew at the time, YouTube.

      Recall that for the first time about the affair models and popular rapper Gleb Golubina became known in January of this year. At first, the young men hid their relationship from the public, but after a while started to appear in the light. Fans believe that Ales and Gleb – a lovely couple. Not long ago, the lovers took part in a joint photo shoot for a glossy publication. The pictures appeared in the Network, left no doubt of the sincerity of the feelings of the young stars. Ales Kafelnikov was suspected of an affair with a famous rapper