Алеся Кафельникова призналась в любви к скандальному рэперу Fans believe that the model meet again by inversion. Ales Kafelnikov is leaving comments to posts of a young man in social networking and says that he had real feelings for him.
Алеся Кафельникова призналась в любви к скандальному рэперу

19-year-old daughter of a famous tennis player Ales Kafelnikov continues to intrigue the public hints at reunion with the 22-year-old rapper Gleb Pigeon, better known as Pharaoh. Perhaps the young people were able to overcome their differences and resume relations. At the same time, other fans of the couple believe that their relationship can be described as friendly. Anyway, Ales says Gleb posts on social networks, fueling the interest of fans.

Golubin recently wrote a critical tweet in which he called himself a fool. The model had an argument with the contractor. In her opinion, Hleb is a very intelligent young man.

Алеся Кафельникова призналась в любви к скандальному рэперу

Another time, Kafelnikov and even admitted Pharaoh in love, denying the rumors about the passion of fashionable hip-hop artist Feduk (real name Fedor Insarov). He commented on one of the girl’s photos on Instagram. Kafelnikov was surprised at this sign of attention from the young man and said that’s feeling to him, and to Golubino.

Алеся Кафельникова призналась в любви к скандальному рэперу

Fans Alesya believe that she have changed the way, wanting to attract the attention of Gleb. More recently, model-turned-blonde, shines at social events in provocative outfits. Controversial blogger Lena Miro, known for his harsh statements, I could not pass up this topic. According to her, Ales has added to its own age and began to look like a woman of easy virtue.

Алеся Кафельникова призналась в любви к скандальному рэперу“A classic example of the older courtesans, reductio ad absurdum, – Stifler’s mom. It all the small Chicks of Moscow sooner or later turn. Yes, often the younger they are my style icons. Often prettier. But the icon – the icon to no matter what, it is to pray and to imitate her. (…) She changed her style and began to look like the rest of the old torn cat of secular Moscow. But it was all so good,” wrote Miro in LJ.

Lena advised his followers not to follow fashion and stay yourself, no matter what. “If your job has a dress code that doesn’t fit you, change the work, not the style. If your environment does what does not suit you, change the environment, not their beliefs and actions”, – said Miro.

We will remind also that in January of Ales Kafelnikov decided to confession. The model spoke about a struggle with addiction. Now Ales, released from rehab, goes to counseling and tries to help other young people who are faced with the same problems. Ales Kafelnikov decided on a public confession