Ales Kafelnikov diagnosed a serious mental disorder

Алеся Кафельникова диагностировала у себя серьезное психическое расстройство Model often shares his thoughts on the Internet, sometimes allowing himself a very controversial statements. Ales Kafelnikov recently spoke about mental health problems. Not all followers of the girls have supported her in the comments.

Ales Kafelnikov threw himself into the work. The microblogging model is regularly updated with new pictures taken during the regular filming. Fans noted that she would like changed in appearance – according to some, it increased the lips. Ales itself prefers not to comment on such allegations. Rather, speculation. My thoughts the daughter of a famous tennis player prefers to not share on Instagram and Twitter.

Ales often jokes about events that happen in her life. The girl, shall we say, unique sense of humor. Not all users of social networks understand the irony of the model. Recently, for example, she said she suffers from a mental disorder.

“After today, all their correspondence, emotional instability, used emoticons on the phone, I can firmly say that I have bipolar disorder”, – said Ales.

“Good for you: put a diagnosis on emoticons,” said one of podeschi model. “As if this post is sarcasm. If you take seriously anything I write here, then I feel very sorry,” said Kafelnikov.

Another post a girl was devoted to relationships with loved ones. “Come to parents in a sanatorium. The mentally restored, podbadrivali, so then to come back and with new forces to take on the good old self-destruction”,– said Ales.

In addition, Kafelnikov often gives to understand that going through a painful breakup. “I catch myself thinking that between me and someone else always choose someone else, that’s the story of my love” – says Ales. After some time, the model hinted that her heart is free.

“Everyone is telling me that I have to allow myself to love and find a soul mate, and me a lot of myself, I would have to be divided into parts and throw away the excess,” says the girl.

A few months ago on the Internet discussed the Alesya quarrel with his father. Then Yevgeny Kafelnikov has alarmed the public publication, which hinted at serious problems in the relationship with her daughter, due to the fact that she allegedly abusing narcotic substances. In August, the tennis player publicly turned to Ales.

“Docha! We’re both responsible for what is happening now. I’m worried as you are. Let’s find out together. Whatever it is, I love you” – shared Kafelnikov on Twitter.