Alentova fled the scene of an accident

Алентова сбежала с места ДТП

The unexpected turn took the story with the accident, which is arranged in the center of Moscow, the famous actress Vera Alentova. As it became known, 74-year-old actress not only was the cause of the incident, but.. tried to escape the scene of the accident. This was told by the man, the car which has suffered from the careless driving of the actress.

Yevgeny Sidorov, the name of the victim, told reporters that the culprit of road accident tried to disappear from a scene, and she managed to find a policeman.
“I was at work, on the official car. Did stop work, at this moment I felt a blow from behind, the car shook. And the machine goes around me on the left, I thought I’d stop accidents after all. But the machine in the garden started to leave. Remember that the Lexus RX and the number. Called the traffic police. Announced everything as it was. The car was found, said to blame the owner of the Lexus, the owner was found,” said Eugene. The confessions of men, he was very curious whose car is so unreasonable scored on the road and was surprised that the guilty turned out to be such a respected actress.
According to the victim, the car Alentova suffered more because of the great speed of her car was flattened sideways.
Despite the fact that the fact of the accident confirmed by a fine of five hundred rubles, she Alentova categorically denies the fact of the accident.
“It is some nonsense, I did not get anywhere in any kind of accident,” said Alentova on a direct question of journalists.