Алене Водонаевой предсказали рождение дочери The presenter will change in the near future. Vodonaeva became a member of the show “the invisible Man”. Experts transfer told how rest of the life of Alena in the future. According to them, the woman will meet the reliable man.

      Алене Водонаевой предсказали рождение дочери

      TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva became the heroine of a new edition of “invisible Man”, which airs on channel TV-3. Experts transfer told about a young woman a lot.

      A few months ago Vodonaeva parted with her boyfriend. According to the stars of the reality show “Dom-2”, their views on life with Anton Korotkov did not match, so they had to break off the relationship. CSI and the magician said that the young woman had a hard time at the moment.

      “Now I have to either career or family. I chose a career and broke off the engagement with her former boyfriend. Tired of the eggs. It’s time to go on the road girl, that I brought anything on a silver platter,” – said Vodonaeva.
      Алене Водонаевой предсказали рождение дочери

      However, experts said that soon luck will smile on the star. Experts predicted Alena positive changes in the future. According to them, the woman will meet a new love. The chosen one will be able to win the heart of spectacular beauty, and she decides to give birth to his daughter, about which so dreamed. Alain Vodonaeva on the new boyfriend: “I saw it on photos of friends”

      During the filming of Alain supported by mother Larissa. The woman confirmed every word that was said by the experts about the relationship of her daughter with former boyfriend. Vodonaeva-the eldest was glad when they announced a favorable prognosis about addition in the family.

      Alena has a son Bogdan, who was born when the TV presenter was married to Alexei Malakaeva. According to star, she tries to do everything that the boy was happy and felt no need of anything. A young woman reacts negatively when she’s trying to teach life and give advice on how to raise her child.

      Recall that Alena went through a breakup with Anton this autumn. In an interview with “StarHit” the woman admitted, suffered a breakup. “I have no time to be sad and to touch the heap of the past. Let bygones be bygones. For me this no longer exists. We must go further, thanking God and the Universe for the lessons” – shared Alena.

      Алене Водонаевой предсказали рождение дочери