Alena Vodonaevoy has a new lover

У Алены Водонаевой появился новый возлюбленный
A few days ago in St. Petersburg hosted the award “TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg”, which were attended by a large number of stars.

У Алены Водонаевой появился новый возлюбленный

Among them was Alain Vodonaeva, but she was surprised by what came with Alexei Cosine. Alena and Alex spent the entire evening together and, not hesitating of others, passionately kissed.

“We were surprised when they learned that they together reported close to the couple. – For so many years and then BAM – and relationship! Happy for them. Cool, when the partner is not just your lover but also a friend.”

Friends Vodonaevoy admit that lately Alena just glows with happiness.

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