Alena Vodonaevoy gave the apartment to the wedding

Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу From the TV presenter appeared housing in St. Petersburg. Alain Vodonaeva combined bonds of marriage with Alexei Cosine of September 11. The couple will live in Moscow, but in the Northern capital the musician acquired a large Studio, which is now being renovated.
Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу

Leading, which until recently was proud of its independence, is now enjoying family life. Alyona’s choice became a longtime friend, musician Alex Cosine. They met three years ago at a corporate event. The wedding took place on September 11 in St. Petersburg. A day riding an older-model car “the Seagull” and dined in the flag tower of the fortress, and in the evening went to the registry office. On the eve of the celebration of Alena shared with “StarHit” as friendship grew into love, and why they so quickly legalized relationships.

Alena Vodonaeva is getting married. PHOTO

Magic rings

Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу

“Everything changed in one moment: Alex the morning of may 1 came to visit as a good friend, and in the evening we fell asleep together and never parted. Still remember that day in “Luzhniki”, where Alex performed to a rap festival, he came to me in the dressing room and kissed him on the lips. By surprise, I was speechless. Not believe what just happened. But what about our friendship? He gave me no chance to think about the situation, just took it and decided.

The proposal of marriage made on June 18 at my home in Moscow. Said that does not make sense to wait, Ho odd that we were always together. Then put the ring on my finger and asked me if I agreed to become his wife. On what received the answer – “Yes”.

Rings we have the same – two kinds of gold, they engraved a lot of personal symbols. The magical and powerful energy, not just decorations. We have applied to the Palace of marriage №1 in St. Petersburg a month after the engagement.

A bit strange feeling, because for six years, I was afraid of marriage. After parting with the father Bogdan lived as he wanted, accustomed to freedom and independence. During this time, several times called a marriage, but the Registrar is not reached – always found a reason to breakup. But with Alex it’s different. Feel and know: he is my family.”
Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу

Family nest

“My Alex is the same age. He was not married, no children. Several times was in a serious relationship, but he never had the feeling that this is the same… In our case, feelings were different. We live between Moscow and St. Petersburg, both used, but I confess it’s difficult for me, though, and romantic. Infinite suitcases, train stations, planes. Minutes without each other can not. When they are in a different city, always talking on the phone. Alex bought for our apartment – great Studio in the heart of St. Petersburg. The repair is nearing completion. But we live still in the capital.

Husband moving in with me – and it’s an act. I have a child here, life, work. He understands and respects it. He will have to start from scratch in another city, but I will support it. I’m sure they will succeed! But you will think about it later”.
Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу

Cool mom

“After the wedding, organized two dinners: first with her husband’s family in St. Petersburg, then with my parents in Moscow. But to introduce close to each other have not had time, will do it soon. Alex introduced me to mom after a week of relationship, she is great – clear and straightforward woman. PhD. We had similar personalities. Bogdan liked her too. Were all together at her house, drinking tea, chatting, furious with their dog named Sheldon. The son left with a bag of gifts and then another week asked: “Lesha, and when we go back to your mother?” My men became friends from the first minute. Now we are trying to build a relationship to Alex for his son’s reputation, not only saw him as a friend. House husband Bogdan teaches music, and together they play sports”.

Relationship test

Алене Водонаевой подарили квартиру на свадьбу“Alex is a creative and passionate nature, both Cancers in the zodiac sign. Not fixated on the domestic and not think about the family budget. Just know how to make and plan to increase state. He successfully makes music and sells it abroad. He’s got a few electronic projects, the main of which is called Zeskullz, the constant touring around the world. It is sometimes possible to combine business with pleasure. For example, recently accompanied him to China. People say that relationships are good to check. Realized that fit together, during his first journey to Rome, where we celebrated my birthday.”

The Gothic style

“Wanted the wedding day was just ours. To make the dream helped the organizer of the celebrations, Anna Goroga and her Agency Svadberry. Instead of the usual cars I chose a black “Seagull” and immediately dismissed options with feasts. It’s boring! Almost desperate to find an interesting location, how suddenly remembered a familiar St. Petersburg Vladimir Evdokimov, who with his Agency Valmont Event made it almost impossible: you have agreed to our holiday place in the center of the Northern capital – in the flag tower of the Naryshkin Bastion of the Peter and Paul fortress. The dinner was wonderful. Everything was incredible beautiful and amazing. For color and decor thank you Ola Beletskaya and her Studio Flowerbazar. Dress was ordered a week before registration in St. Petersburg designer and tried on the day before the village is. Turned Gothic outfit with vintage elements”.