Alena Vodonaevoy attributed to the relationship with the actor

Алене Водонаевой приписывают связь с актером The representative of the stars spoke out about her affair Kirill Emelyanov. Some time ago, the Network discussed the novel ex-member “House-2” and the stars of the show “kadetstvo”. Fans of the actor believed that Allen destroyed his family.

      Some time ago, the fans Alena Vodonaevoy talking about her romance with actor Kirill Emelyanov, remembered by the viewers for the TV series “kadetstvo”. Social networks repeatedly flashed images of the presenter in company with a young man. Subscribers celebrities were surprised by the joint staff Alena and Kirill, as well as actively discussing their alleged affair in social networks.

      To stop the further spread of rumors, a representative of the presenter commented on the situation. According to the Director of Vodonaevoy, about any novel can be considered.

      “Every time another media publishes them sharing a photo or screenshot of the stories – we all have a voice laughing. Alain is friendly and knows how to make friends with men is for anybody not a secret. With Cyril they know for a long time – they have similar views and principles in life, same sense of humor. And Yes: Alena knows his wife, with whom they also communicate well”, – told reporters Eugene.

      Probably, these rumors have arisen from the fact that Allen tries not to advertise personal life. The woman has repeatedly hinted that she likes a young man, but preferred not to talk about who he is. About the relationship with ex-fiancé Anton star no longer remembers. “I have no time to be sad and to touch the heap of the past. Let bygones be bygones. For me this no longer exists. We must go further, thanking God and the Universe for the lessons,” – said Vodonaeva.

      In turn, Kirill Emelyanov married to Catherine Direktorenko. Married to an actress of the Moscow theatre “School of modern drama” had two sons, Stephen and Basil. In 2016 it was said that Cyril broke up with his wife, however, social networks still flashed their pictures with the kids.

      Director Vodonaevoy Eugene jokes that the media even reported that the TV presenter was taken of an actor from the family. “It’s all about publicity. When two people appear together more frequently than two times per week (in social networks or in public), once wrote: “Everything! They’re having an affair! They are together! Vodonaeva took Yemelyanov, and he left his wife with child!”. To announce that the competition for the most ridiculous title?” – said the representative of celebrities in conversation with