Alena Vodonaeva not afraid to spend the son to France

Алена Водонаева не побоялась проводить сына во Францию Bogdan flew to rest with his father and his parents. Despite the situation, Alena Vodonaeva and her ex-husband Alex decided not to change plans. TV presenter does not hide his disappointment that the beneficiary will spend time at sea, and in the country.

      Алена Водонаева не побоялась проводить сына во Францию

      The former participant “Houses-2” Alena Vodonaeva on the eve of the for some time said goodbye to his son Bogdan. The boy together with his father, grandmother and grandfather went on vacation to France. Apparently, the trip was planned long ago and to cancel it did not.

      Sending his son on a journey, the presenter is very optimistic. She is confident that her successor will have a great time. Disappointed Alain Vodonaevu only one fact – Bogdan goes to the sea, she thought, and inside the country. The father decided to have son an active, not a beach vacation.

      “Today, bid farewell to cat. Flying with my dad and his parents for two weeks. Last year, they have the same squad flew to Turkey and this year France. Not to the sea. The rest will be active. And I have something to think about. Had not planned this summer, nowhere to go, as there are a number of things that we are now actively engaged. But I was sure that Alex and Beau will fly to the sea. And they chose the sport” – shared Alena Vodonaeva in a microblog.

      Caring mother all the same really don’t want her heir left in the summer without the sea, splash around in which so love everything children. So Alain is going to carve out in his busy schedule a few days to go to the coast with her son. The media personality asked advice from followers of the microblog, in which country her to choose to stay with Bogdan. “Friends, please advise a good direction with children, – said Alain Vodonaeva the fans. I absolutely was not ready. While watching Tenerife, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Capri. What else is there from points on the map, where cool to go with an active child? Points where there is the sea and the best beaches for children.”

      By the way, summer is the only time of the year when Alain Vodonaeva gives to his son, who was not yet six years old, the opportunity to relax and unwind. The TV host and her former husband Alex are the parents who believe that the more loaded the baby, the better for him. Not covered: why do celebrities raise children in severity

      Alain Vodonaeva believes that to raise a boy to a successful man is possible only through strict discipline and regime of full employment. Therefore, in the course of the year Bogdan resting one day a week and the rest goes to English in kindergarten, gymnastics in the Olympic reserve school, reading and writing – with a tutor, and in his spare time draws under the guidance of an experienced teacher. “He is still very much to do in this life, so relax rolls will be on pensions,” announced as its position, then Alena Vodonaeva in a microblog.

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