Alena Vodonaeva is thinking about IVF

Алена Водонаева задумалась об ЭКО The star of reality show began to have thoughts about artificial insemination. Alain Vodonaeva turned to podeschi with a request to share their opinions and experiences. Groupies sensitively responded to the request of a celebrity and spoke about the consequences of this method of birth into the world.

      Алена Водонаева задумалась об ЭКО

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva a year ago received a proposal of marriage from her beloved Anton Korotkov. But while the pair have not decided when will arrange a wedding ceremony. However, Alena has repeatedly said that in a short time wants to have a second child and now she turned to fans for advice in a rather delicate matter – artificial insemination.

      “Girls, I have this question today. What do you think about IVF? Who did? Is it true that in most cases it causes (don’t want to write that dreadful word, but you get the idea)? What options besides IVF, if it’s really unsafe, still exist? I think this topic is not the first day,” he turned to Alena podeschi.

      As it turned out, among the followers of the former participant “Houses-2” were those who are well informed on this issue. They told about their personal experience.

      “Anything against nature is not good. And I don’t believe that for a child it will affect. This is my personal opinion”, “I’ve done IVF twice, but the embryos did not stick. A month after the second time got pregnant on their own, and even with twins, counting the days till we meet the babies! The organism was called up. Good luck in this difficult matter. In General, hormone therapy is nasty stuff”, “My sister gave birth to three children through that first pregnancy – one child, the second pregnancy is twins. But, all is healthy and clever women and very much like his dad!” – shared their stories of groupies Vodonaevoy.

      Secret wedding Alena Vodonaevoy: fact or fiction?

      However, the star of the reality show said nothing about why she needs this information – is she going to resort to this method of conception of the child or for any other purpose. But fans were surprised that Alena is thinking about this issue – after all, a little over six years ago, she gave birth to a son Bogdan. Now the boy grows diversified is engaged in sports gymnastics at the Olympic reserve school, attends kindergarten, which employs only native English speakers, is fond of drawing, develops reading and writing individual lessons with a tutor.

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