Alena Vodonaeva is preparing to say goodbye with a gorgeous bust

Алена Водонаева готовится распрощаться с шикарным бюстом The presenter intends to change their appearance. Fans immediately divided into two camps. Some claimed that the figure girls are perfect, and the other supported Allen Vodonaevu in the quest to achieve the perfect body.

      The leading music channel Alain Vodonaeva excites the imagination of many men by their shapes. The girl stirs interest to your body, choosing provocative outfits with a fairly open neckline. It would seem that the TV presenter is happy with her body, but wants to see it perfect. That’s why soon it will be on the surgical table. Only if most girls are turning to professionals to increase Breasts, Alena, on the contrary, wants to say goodbye with a gorgeous bust.

      “An important day for herself. Was on consultation at the doctor. Well, it looks like I decided on the name. This is it. I think before the new year me and my babies, we’ll do this is an important matter,” wrote Vodonaeva in the microblog.

      Despite the florid phrase, the fans immediately realized what was going on. Some favoured TV presenter in her intention, and others tried to dissuade her from such a step. They claimed that now the figure Vodonaevoy is a delight.

      “Please, please don’t do this”, “I think you’re perfect! But if you want to, of course.”, “Good Luck, Alyona! Everything will be okay!” “The good news. Clever you, Alena. I’m sure the result will justify the expectations. The most important thing is health and comfort, I think the figure is perfect, it is nothing,” he disagreed subscribers of the former participant “Houses-2”.

      Now in the life of Alena Vodonaevoy changing. Not so long ago a girl was engaged to be married with her lover Anton Korotkov and even appointed the date of the wedding, which was to be held next year. However, recently she announced that she made a mistake with the choice of a life partner and made the difficult decision to leave.

      Alain Vodonaeva: “fear I cried and yelled at the groom”

      “I just realized and felt the limit. I made a mistake. What I’m tired of the stupidity, emptiness, and jealousy of my independence, I said. Even more amazing that I did not expect to pass this man some copper pipe. I was willing to put up with the endless checks of my phone, the tantrums and frustrations, quarrels, mood swings and unwillingness to grow. And I was looking for a solution. In the end, I realized that my choice fell on the man, not ready to lead nor to go hand in hand, nor to follow a woman, even if she is more successful than you” – said Vodonaeva.