Alena Vodonaeva has responded to talk about pregnancy

Алена Водонаева отреагировала на разговоры о беременности Star posted in “Instagram” with the baby. The presenter said that she became a mother. Alena jokingly commented on the rumors about the interesting position.

Alain Vodonaeva posted a touching photo, which holds the baby in her arms. In the caption to the picture, the presenter jokingly said that the vigilance of the users of the Network, nothing to hide. Most followers have long suspected Allen in an interesting position. Recall that in early September, she married Alexei Cosine. Presenter, who was once proud of its independence, has now become the perfect wife.

“Not to conceal from some of my astute subscribers. Always can see and know everything better than others! And pregnancy I once or twice got! Bore here! Can greet”, signed the Vodonaeva.

Wedding Alena and Alexei took place in St. Petersburg. Day couple ride on the retro car Chayka and had lunch in the flag tower of the fortress, and in the evening the lovers went to the registry office. The couple have been acquainted for many years, but romantic feelings between them have emerged only recently. After the marriage of Alena and Alexey moved to Moscow.

Alena Vodonaevoy gave the apartment to the wedding

“A little strange feeling, because for six years, I was afraid of marriage. After parting with the father of the first child of Bohdan lived as he wanted, accustomed to freedom and independence. During this time, several times called a marriage, but the Registrar is not reached – always found a reason to breakup. But with Alex it’s different. Feel and know that he is my family”, – told the TV presenter “StarHit”.

The presenter also said that Alexey they are the same age. The current spouse Vodonaevoy was not married and has no children.

“In our case, feelings were different. We live between Moscow and St. Petersburg, both used, but I confess it’s difficult for me, though, and romantic. Infinite suitcases, train stations, planes. Minutes without each other can not”, – said Alena.