Алена Водонаева уменьшила грудь на два размера. ФОТО TV presenter decided on surgery. Over a long period of time Vodonaeva was looking for a specialist who would undertake such a delicate procedure. Alain said goodbye to the bust of the fifth size, changing it to a more modest form.

      Алена Водонаева уменьшила грудь на два размера. ФОТО

      It’s hard to believe, but the sexy host of “Pair of Normal” RU.TV long dreamed of a more modest forms. So the other day Vodonaeva decided on plastic surgery complicated. TV presenter shared with “StarHit” the exclusive details and photos from the chamber.

      We met Alena, one hour before operation in the Center of plastic surgery Klinik Frau Professor Blokhin. “A breast reduction many years my obsession – confessed “StarHit” Vodonaeva. It’s hard to explain, but it is a strong and conscious desire. And after delivery has strengthened. You see, I have already at age 16 was such a big size… half a lifetime I hear the question: “Own?” “Look at my mother,” I usually respond”.

      Алена Водонаева уменьшила грудь на два размера. ФОТО

      According to star, because of the lush bust, she often back pain, had difficulties with the selection of clothing. Alena is so fired up the idea to change shape, which even turned to experts in new York.

      “In America, I consulted with one of the best in this field of specialists, but did not select him, as he saw the uncertainty in his eyes, continues the presenter. He said that this is one of the most difficult breast surgeries and lasts 9 hours. Then I recommend to consult with someone else. Continued the search in Russia, while monitoring was not given the name of Sergei Blokhin. Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, one of the first plastic surgeons Russia. Met, talked, he examined me. We decided that the most optimal – to reduce the bust with my fifth the size to less than a third. I realized that Sergei Nikolaevich “the same”. He warned that this piece of work, but at the same time instilled such confidence that I understood – all will end well.”
      Алена Водонаева уменьшила грудь на два размера. ФОТО

      After our conversation, Allen gave the anesthesia, she soon fell asleep. The operation cost one million rubles was successful and ended after 3 hours. Half an hour later Vodonaeva came to. Immediately called my parents who are very worried, and said that is fine. According to doctors, the presenter will be able to return to work after a week.

      “The next day I was at home – shared star. – No bulky corsets, just a small bandage at the chest. First took painkillers and felt weakness. But gradually returned to normal. After a month of planning to arrange a beautiful photo shoot in a bathing suit.”