Alena Vodonaeva has recently introduced a new chest

Алена Водонаева похвасталась новой грудью

Alena Vodonaeva is a happy owner of a magnificent bust, repeatedly said that wants to get rid of it. The former star of “House-2” have insisted that large Breasts is as beautiful as it is difficult and uncomfortable. Cherished wish Alena was to reduce the bust. That she recently did.

Procedure breast reduction went smoothly, because after a month after surgery Vodonaeva can return to normal life.

Алена Водонаева похвасталась новой грудью

The TV presenter has published a photo, which shows off the updated forms, and comments said about how it all happened: “I Promised myself that before the new year will fulfill his dream. Voila! Exactly 2 weeks after the consultation with the surgeon, November 25, I fulfilled the dream! On 26 November I was discharged. November 30, I had already live on Ru.TV, where he arrived behind the wheel! I knew it would. Therefore, all planned under the schedule. I felt that this would go. Sure was! 1000000% And no one noticed and did not know. Three days I potosina the house and returned to service. I see a lot of comments about the name. Many need a good doctor, please call the name. Can I just say that he’s not just good, but best. And I genuinely believe this and was convinced. Because now I have the most beautiful Breasts in the world! Officially declare that it is the MOST AWESOME! By the way, lasted all of 3 hours. Of the minuses: not a month to play sports,10 days have to sleep on the back. All! Call name! Sergey Nikolaevich Blokhin. He has no instagram (says a lot, huh?)”.

Neckline Alena not yet open. She probably still wears a postoperative bandage or special compression garment. But, we think, soon Vodonaeva will show that she sought and that was her dream.