Alena Vodonaeva has criticized the behavior of Yegor creed after “the Bachelor”

Алена Водонаева раскритиковала поведение Егора Крида после «Холостяка» The presenter is confident that the singer intentionally hurting Daria Klucina. Alena Vodonaeva said that Egor Krid specifically continues to PR at the expense of interest in the project, without feelings or to one of the former participants.
Алена Водонаева раскритиковала поведение Егора Крида после «Холостяка»

After the final show “the Bachelor” Egor Creed had to face an unprecedented wave of criticism. The man continued to heat up the rumors about the breakup with Daria Lukinoj, periodically making fun of the finalists and the overall project. Alain Vodonaeva are unable to stay away from happening. She decided to speak out about the behavior of the musician, which is unacceptable.

According to the presenter, Daria Klyukina is a very sincere and beautiful girl who does not deserve such a relationship.

“The question is: why all the negativity gets no Egor, who has made his choice, pre-vitreal nerves Dasha, her rivals and millions of tele-viewers? Why are only the permanent charges of each of the second participants of insincerity and lust for publicity at his expense. Even to escape from the marriage — act more masculine than such statements,” – said TV presenter.
Алена Водонаева раскритиковала поведение Егора Крида после «Холостяка»

Alena said that Daria has demonstrated its sincerity in the fifth season of “the Bachelor.” Then the girl left the project because he did not experience the feeling to Ilya Glinnikov. Anyway, Klugenau had to face a wave of negative and unflattering comments.

In addition, Vodonaeva passed and in appearance to the other participants of “the Bachelor”. The presenter is confident that almost all the girls came to the project not to search for love, and for the sake of PR.

“If you look at the girls with fresh eyes, it seems like half of them are not on the project met, and one plastic surgeon. Noses and lips as a blueprint. while the producers tore the jackpot in the form of ratings, girls not wasting any time: to the PR, who is an artist. No matter who is the main “the bachelor” or anyone: brother, friend, friend, neighbor artist — take all! And the best two wrap! Savvy turned out to be the group participating this year, do not say anything,” – said Vodonaeva.

In the end, Vodonaeva came to the conclusion that Klyukina really worthy of a great love. According to a young woman, Egor Krid behaves improperly, and his jokes about the winner of “the Bachelor” show a lack of manners.

Communicating with the magazine “7 days” Vodonaeva said that such projects form a wrong view of the world. Presenter is sure that this men must fight for women’s hearts, not girls lining up for the next eligible bachelor. “Woman fights for the man! Although the question is: how is it, girls? Exactly the opposite must be you forgot? We women are! We choose. Didn’t like it? Next,” concluded Alena.

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