Alena Vodonaeva gave hot vacation with her fiance

Алена Водонаева устроила жаркие каникулы с женихом The former participant “Houses-2” have shared candid shots with guests. Fans Alena Vodonaevoy, it took the bold photographs of the celebrity. The former participant “Houses-2” with a pleasure demonstrates her sexuality.

      Алена Водонаева устроила жаркие каникулы с женихом

      Alain Vodonaeva a few days ago, said 34 years. The former participant “Houses-2” have decided to spend a few days on the Sunny coast of Monte Carlo with her fiancé Anton Korotkov. Judging by the numerous photos, Alena enjoys the rest and share bright moments of your journey with your fans.

      Vodonaeva did not hesitate to put a pretty candid shots in public. However, not all were delighted with the excessive sexuality of the former contestants of the reality show. In the comments left by followers of Alena, it was all a bit of enthusiastic responses. The majority still supported Vodonaevu. Between the fans even started a debate over the propriety of such images in social networks.

      Алена Водонаева устроила жаркие каникулы с женихом

      “Already got the pants to tuck, wear a Thong then too”, “Too, so love the pants on to pull the sea – all watching, laughing, “It”, “the Meaning of this spread? What’s so special?” – asks some subscribers.

      Other fans did not notice anything obscene photos of ex-member “House-2″ and took her side. Alenka, how are you stunning! Sea of happiness you wholeheartedly! Take care of each other, you are a really cool couple!”, “Cool figure, just the rush” – supported the admirers Vodonaevu.

      Алена Водонаева устроила жаркие каникулы с женихом

      Not so long ago she has told in the microblog that her beloved did not like her skimpy outfit, which she wore to the wedding of Nelly Ermolaeva. Then Vodonaeva chose for the occasion a black dress with a rather daring neckline. Alain shared with subscribers of the reaction of her lover. The groom scolded Alain for Vodonaevu neckline wedding

      “Anton brought me and left. Then took three hours. He was not able yesterday to attend. Although he said that this is the last time I go alone. Maybe uncharacteristically neckline is so affected him? But honestly, for me not to worry. When I have a man – to me it is impossible to meet. As it approached and departed. I don’t know, don’t give phone numbers without the flirting report that is not free,” admitted Vodonaeva.

      Apparently, vs candid shots in social networks fiancé Alyona does not mind and happy to pose with his beloved.

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