Алёна Водонаева устроила скандальные разборки няне своего сына
The fate of the assistant of a movie star decides her fans.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

Alena Vodonaeva was in the midst of a scandal involving a nanny to his six-year-old son Bogdan. As reported by the star, assistant irretrievably ruined one of the most valuable things in her life — the mobile phone. The TV presenter was outraged by the irresponsibility of staff employed.

“Only that my nanny drowned my phone in a bucket of hot water. It’s terrible! There are all! All contacts, all photos. All the photos! All the photos! Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Thailand, Amsterdam. 10 thousand photos of Bohdan, including travel: Switzerland, France, Turkey, Crimea. All contacts, notes, where I write my thoughts, post to votsap. All gone in the bucket… I’m so evil, no words. I like a moron, telling her endlessly one and the same: check out our Bo pockets, before taking something to the Laundry and not to forget the night to pick food in the fridge. Is it really so difficult to remember?! Especially when you have a huge salary, live on all ready (I pay for everything! until women’s needs), has its own private, beautiful room and a personal driver I in September ‘ 15 took for her and Bogdan. Plus, since the beginning of September this year, the son of a governess — teacher, which carries with Bo all the time after kindergarten: lessons, trips to the sports section. The nanny only household and household history. That is, do not want to live! Just check the pockets and Tupi. I’m just pissed!” complained Alan.

Later it turned out that, according to Vodonaevoy, Babysitting her and still cheated. It turned out to be not just a drowned phone in the bucket, and accidentally threw it in the washing machine. This further angered the former star of “House-2”. Alena decided to ask for advice from her fans about how she should do now. For consideration there have been several options. Vodonaeva fluctuated between being a scandal to fire the nanny or force her to pay the cost of the new phone, which, according to him, cost her 150 thousand rubles.