Alena Vodonaeva gave a Frank interview on the eve of the wedding

Алена Водонаева дала откровенное интервью накануне свадьбы
The star of “House-2” told about the upcoming wedding and her fiancé’s relationship with his seven year old son Bogdan.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: Instagram

Together with her fiancé DJ Kosinus Alena Vodonaeva gave
interview to the Internet portal the day before the wedding.

“Since we announced the marriage, we are constantly asking
to tell any love story, — tells Lesha. We even tried that
to compose. In fact, everything is the same as in the girls ‘ romantic Comedy:
meeting the right person and want to spend my life with him. We are together
three months, but it took me five weeks to make Allen an offer.” Lovers
also assured that it is not going to widely celebrate the wedding.

“This is only our holiday, — said the bridegroom. — Noisy note
possible decade from the day of the wedding, then you will have something to be proud of”.

With this opinion fully agree with Alena. “The sacrament of marriage
it must be a bit of a mystery, with wacky competitions it is impossible, —
says Alyona. I want to be with Alex. Then, of course, we’ll have
gala dinner with parents and with Bogdan that categorical the mood to eat
wedding cake”.

Vodonaeva also told that my son and boyfriend
we formed strong friendships.