Alena Vodonaeva can’t decide on a wedding date

Алена Водонаева не может определиться с датой свадьбы The presenter is in no hurry to tie the knot. It is possible that in reality, Alena Vodonaeva not yet fully decided if she needed a stamp in the passport. After all, her relationship with her fiance is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

      Алена Водонаева не может определиться с датой свадьбы

      Alena Vodonaeva was one of the most memorable participants of the project “Dom-2”. In her personal life after taking care of the perimeter continue to keep more than one million subscribers in the social network. Alena has had a brilliant career as a TV presenter and has already managed to try herself as an actress, starring in the TV series “Poor people” with Olga Buzova. A year ago Vodonaeva acquired the status of a bride, since her fans bewildered waiting, when will the happy event, and the star will marry her boyfriend Anton.

      It turns out that Vodonaeva is not in a hurry to tie the knot. Despite the fact that the presenter accepted the offer of marriage, she doesn’t have time to even think about the triumph. Moreover, Alyona is not going to make their wedding a true celebration.

      “A year has passed since then, as Anton proposed to me. By the way, the first time I got married only a year after the engagement, ” said Vodonaeva. – Haven’t had time to even think about the wedding, and in General I don’t like to rush things – mine will not leave me. I know that the stamp in the passport changes nothing. Especially don’t want a big celebration – after all, not the first time getting married. Anton offered quietly married, and then fly away somewhere, and my parents support this idea. In General, I don’t know what will happen and when, just woke up after a two-year “freeze”, so I think it is about something else: I want to catch up in work and career.”

      It is not excluded that in striving to succeed in the creative field lies uncertainty Alena in your boyfriend. In recognition of the star, with Anton they often quarrel. One altercation even led to the parting of the lovers, though it lasted no more than two weeks. Pair up the strong feelings. Vodonaeva and her favorite can’t live without each other.

      “We’re fighting over garbage, for example, can quarrel over the music. And if someone is such a relationship, as on a powder keg, like, I’m tired, have something to do with it, ” admits Alain in an interview with “House-2”. – And nevertheless, we are constantly together with anyone I have not spent as much time – 24 hours a day, just for the “House-2″, probably ten years ago.”

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