Алена Свиридова впервые рассказала о гражданском муже
The singer commented on his secret wedding.

Alena Sviridova with the civil husband

Photo: Instagram

55-year-old Alena Sviridova, who for many years
meets 41-year-old Davit Vardanyan, broke his silence and branded
told about the most personal. In conversation with the correspondent the Internet-editions sobesednik.ru singer
said that he had met David at one of the events in Yerevan: the
she was without makeup and in gym clothes.

“We, with David, very friendly and fun live. And
the advantage of my age is that you begin to understand something in
life and not to stress about things, which for many people are
sufficiently serious”, — said Alena.

Recently in a press there was an information that
Sviridov despite his reluctance again to tie the knot, after all
married. However, Alena clarified the situation, saying he’s not going
down the aisle. “I’m not going to get married, she said. Sacred meaning of marriage
in complete fusion and responsibility for each other. Typically, upon marriage, give
vow: to be together in sickness and in old age, with thick sides and a bald head
other attributes… to accept it, you have to be a religious man,
brought up in such traditions. We are not, we were raised differently, so
it is difficult for us to accept it.”