Alena Sviridova said the reasons for parting with her ex-husbands

Алена Свиридова назвала причины расставаний с бывшими мужьями The singer openly spoke about relations with elected officials in the program “Wife. A love story”. Sviridov admits that it is difficult for a long time to meet men. Choosing between personal life and work, she was dedicated.
Алена Свиридова назвала причины расставаний с бывшими мужьями

Alena Sviridova has become the main character of author’s transfer of Kira proshutinskaya the “Wife. A love story”. The singer talked about the fact that for the first time got married when I was very young. The Union, according to the artist, was imprisoned because of public pressure.

“James was my first, before I did not have relations. I didn’t want to get married, but then had no choice. If you’re in love with a man sleep, we had to get married”, – confessed the star.

The singer did not hide the fact and the reasons for the gap. According to Sviridova, she fell in love with another man. Young artist interested in travel and work and family responsibilities is only limited. Alain soon became popular, and the first place in her life came career. The star does not deny that because of their own ambition, she even had little contact with the eldest son.

“I went to Moscow when his son was eight years old. I took him only four years. The son told me that I left him. There is a feeling that I didn’t give him enough love,” says the artist.

Career ambitions provoked the breakup of the star with her second husband Henry Peacock. Sviridov told that her husband wanted a quiet everyday life, as she plans had gigs, new tour. Their Union lasted only two years.

In 2002, the singer met with the model Dmitry Miroshnichenko. The man was younger than his lover for 20 years. Pair ever came together, then parted, so when the actress got pregnant, she even thought about abortion.

“I thought of having an abortion, but Dima told me that I will be very sorry. The procedure was supposed to be four days, and then I got sick. Temperature under forty, time is running out. And then I realized I didn’t want anything to do with the child,” says Sviridov.

However this relationship ended after Dmitry started to flaunt personal life and to acquaint the press with his new lover. “Dima was a birthday, he invited a film crew. And there was some girl and she gave an interview that is now taking the place of Alena Sviridova. It just killed me,” recalls the main character of the program.

Now the singer is happily in a relationship with David Vardanyan. Alena Valentinovna recognized that their Union has survived many crises, but love lasts for eight years. However, the actress is in no hurry to tie the knot, considering that now she finally feels inner harmony.