Alena Sviridova imposes high requirements to the daughters-in-law

Алена Свиридова предъявляет повышенные требования невесткам
Popular singer Alain Sviridov has two sons.

Алена Свиридова предъявляет повышенные требования невесткам

Eldest son, 30-year-old Basil lives in Canada with his father. And the youngest son Grigory who is 14, lives with her mother in Moscow.

According to Alena, she realizes that her sons are at that age when they start to introduce the second halves.

Sviridov told that her stringent requirements for the future daughter-in-law.

“As a future mother-in-law, I can now declare my potential daughter-in-law: “Honey, come on, go and get tested for certain markers! Now we’ll see whether you have any wrong chromosomes”. As if suddenly the same – it’s an occasion to reflect and, perhaps, prevent some really serious disease,” – said the artist.

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