Alena Sviridova admires the influence of a young wife for her son

Алена Свиридова восхищается влиянием молодого супруга на ее сына The singer is glad that David Vardanyan found a common language with the heir. Alena Sviridova grateful to the chosen one, because he sets an example for the child. The artist admires the lover decision to be responsible for the loved ones.
Алена Свиридова восхищается влиянием молодого супруга на ее сына

Star 90s, Alena Sviridova for eight years lived in a civil marriage with David Vardanyan. She was glad she could find the man of your dreams. Despite the fact that the beloved celebrity younger than her 16 years, together they are very comfortable. The singer is happy that the chosen one took her two children, Basil and Gregory. The eldest son lives with his father abroad.

Alain sees no reason to formalize the relationship with the chosen one. She is satisfied that a loved one is nearby and even has her youngest child.

“The word “husband” I very rarely drink. Probably we have not a very good Association. For example, the husband stuffed pears. Something in that word there is fatal. But it is my troubles. In fact, he, of course, husband. We have been living for eight years, run a household, David practically raised my youngest son Gregory”, – said the artist.

Sviridov was of the opinion that the boy can’t go to mummy. She believes that too much care can damage the character of a teenager. Now the son of actress 13 years old, and he studied at the cadet corps. The singer said that initially the child was hard to get used to the new routine and the staff, but eventually he was able to return to normal. Celebrity believes that to overcome difficulties is easier at an early age, the more this experience will be useful in later life. Alena Sviridova protects son from women

Alena like that David understood the responsibility, linking his life with her. The artist believes that if a man decided to take care of beloved people, then it does not need a stamp in the passport. The star of the 90s knows that is the key to a happy relationship.

“The presence of a single coordinate system. You must have a clear mutual understanding that this is good and this is bad, – says the singer. – If you are the same here, then you can always negotiate.”

Sviridov admits that, like many couples, early in the relationship to them was not easy. She admitted – even now they are not all smooth.

“We, with David, are too different, long to each other we have adjusted and continue to adjust,” admitted Sviridov the publication of “Antenna-Telesem”.