Alena Shishkova tried on a wedding dress

Алена Шишкова примерила свадебное платье

Ex-lover Timothy wanted to feel like a bride.

Who of the girls want to show off in your wedding dress? Yes to all. And it’s not necessary to be an official bride, you can simply arrange a photoshoot in your dress dreams. Exactly this and decided to make Alena Shishkova.

She posted in “Instagram” black and white frame where posing in a sexy white dress that accentuates the beautiful figure of the model, in the arms of a man, whose face is not seen.

Fans were in awe of the dresses Alena. “I wish You to have to go as a bride,” wrote the good subscribers. And others cried out to Timothy with a warning not to pass by such beauty: “Timothy, will you marry… And then gone… Beautiful… Clever, and most importantly – one child for two… Why so long to dig?”

Maybe Alena is this effect achieved? To ex-boyfriend saw how she looks in a wedding dress, and soon called her away? Despite the fact that Alena and the rapper have a child – 2-year-old daughter Alice, married Timothy Shishkov was not. And at only 23 years old model still haven’t tried on a wedding dress.

Maybe the message was not addressed to Timothy, and the other beloved? Some time ago the Cone began to turn a pretty serious love affair with the national team of Russia goalkeeper Anton Shunin. One way or another, but it is clear that Alena is already ripe for marriage and can’t wait for the proposal of marriage. As noted by her fans: “It will be the most beautiful bride in the world!”