Alena Shishkova bought a two year old daughter Mercedes scarlet

Алена Шишкова купила двухлетней дочери Mercedes алого цвета

The daughter of Timothy and repara model Alena Shishkova does not know the word “no”. little Alice is growing a real Princess, though a bit modernized. Mom and dad and then encouraging the baby expensive gifts and all sorts of gadgets. Now, two years Alice has got its own car.

New Mercedes my daughter gave Shishkov. The car attracts attention with its unusual design (it’s a convertible) and scarlet-red.

The only thing that distinguishes the car from Alice’s mother’s is that it’s not real, but a toy.

“Decided to make my favorite baby and ordered for her super car — Mercedes G. Leather seats and rubber wheels, the music — everything in my car. Of course, the special delight in Alice called glowing lights!)” — posted by Shishkov in Instagram, where he boasted to a new daughter.

By the way, the same car only in white, have daughters Katie Topuria Olivia.

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