Alena Shishkova became a designer of fur coats

Алена Шишкова стала дизайнером шуб

The star’s Instagram tried himself in the design of clothing. Days in sale the debut collection of fur coats from the Alena Shishkova.

Alena Shishkova decided not to focus exclusively on her model and tried his hand in fashion design. The star has teamed up with brand Maison D AngelAnn and created a line of clothing. The collection includes the coats made of Fox, raccoon, rabbit, and cashmere coats and parkas with the use of the same fur.

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At the end of November 2016, Alain presented his new creation in the flagship boutique of the brand in the “Afimoll”, however, according to eyewitnesses, on the cocktail to celebrate the launch of the line came no celebrity.

Advertising collection of outerwear Shishkova did not trust anyone but yourself. The most interesting models debut line can be called a bright red coat of the Fox in the style of Saint Laurent, as well as trendy gray vest Maxi length. The average price of a fur coat from the Alena Shishkova is about 140 thousand rubles.