Alena Kravets was the victim of a Gypsy curse

Алена Кравец стала жертвой цыганского проклятия
The singer is going to contact the police.

Alena Kravets

Alena Kravets can’t find a logical explanation for his
bad luck. The black strip continues to haunt the singer. It would seem that only
what is the logical point in her months-long conflict with the former
as a housekeeper. The scandal ended a claim Alena Kravets against women
publicly insulted her on the air of the Federal channel. But the other day it occurred
another event, once again knocked the artist out of the rut.

Rublevsky in the gate of the mansion of the singer knocked three Gypsy.
Kravets guard on duty that day, asked the intruders to leave, but to do
this they are clearly not going to. Hiding around the corner, the Gypsy waited for
Alena decides to go into town and when the car singer left the gate, rushed
under the wheels. The driver miraculously managed to brake. Leaving the car, he heard
women began to scream that Alain someone brings damage, and they have over 5 thousand
ready to remove the curse. The singer ignored their warnings. As
it turned out, in vain. The next day at the gates of homes someone planted
doll with gouged eyes, a few days later, the doors began to appear strange
shawls and other items. “They were clearly associated with magical rites,” the
says Alyona. Troubled star stepped up security and installed additional
camera. The singer decided that if the mysterious objects do not cease to appear next
with its site, will appeal to law enforcement agencies.