Alena Kravets tried to answer criticism

Алена Кравец попыталась ответить на критику
Popular singer Alena Kravets is a mom of a wonderful daughter Danielle.

Алена Кравец попыталась ответить на критику

Alena tries to devote his daughter all his spare time, providing it with all necessary.

Алена Кравец попыталась ответить на критику

Some time ago the singer attended the program “live”, where she pounced with charges of life show.

“Jealousy is definitely present. We feel it in school. It is a shame that if there is a good opportunity to dress your baby to hire him Tutors. I want my child had the best of everything, this is absolutely normal.

We were previously a private school, but not so long ago, she was transferred to the rank of state schools. Of course, I want to transfer the daughter to a private school, but we have a strict father who believes that public schools teach better,” said Kravets.

Note that Alain periodically criticized for her luxurious life.

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