Alena Kravets suffered heavy criticism because of the baby

Алена Кравец подверглась яростной критике из-за ребенка The singer was convicted of the desire to provide only the best daughter. Alena Kravets explained his position in a live TV show. In recognition of the singer, she strives to provide the heir to Danielle everything that was deprived in childhood.
Алена Кравец подверглась яростной критике из-за ребенка

Singer Alena Kravets – mom adorable Danielle. The singer adores his beloved heir and tries to set that in no way needed. Recently, the actress became the guest of the programme “live”, in which she shared her views on the education of children. It is no secret that the blonde is periodically subjected to severe criticism. Critics are jealous of Kravets, who can afford to live large.

One of the spectators pounced on Alain, accusing it of life show. “You are preparing her to looked at her and envied,” said the woman. Kravets did not hide that used to deal with a similar attitude, so he hastened to explain his position.

“Jealousy is definitely present. We feel it in school. It is a shame that if there is a good opportunity to dress your baby to hire him Tutors. I want my child had the best of everything, this is absolutely normal. We were previously a private school, but not so long ago, she was transferred to the rank of state schools. Of course, I want to transfer the daughter to a private school, but we have a strict father who believes that public schools teach better”, – said Alena.
Алена Кравец подверглась яростной критике из-за ребенка

The daughter of singer without any problems socialized in school. The Danielle has a girlfriend, despite the fact that mothers some girls are sometimes unable to hide his not quite positive attitude to the situation her parents. “In class there is a social difference,” said Alain.

Then in the Studio showed how Kravets and its successor shop. A celebrity tries to buy the child a high-quality and expensive things. “You have it growing in the greenhouse. It is something the world knows is real?” – couldn’t stand the presenter Boris korchevnikov. Alena said that her daughter is no different from their peers. “This is a child who loves to fool around, like all kids,” said the blonde.

According to Kravets, studies in public school he left her negative memories. Alain was forced to adhere to strict rules that contradicted her personality.

“To be honest, I have the residue of a lifetime… We were forced to go in a special form, and I always wanted to stand out, to not be like everyone else. I to teach this child. In third grade I pierced his ears, and the headmistress snatched the earrings out of your ears, because they were not allowed to go. I have formed pus, I was treated for six months,” explained the celebrity.

Then the host of the talk show said that children try to be like parents. In the program showed an excerpt of issue, on the conflict between Alena Kravets and her maid Sophia resurrection. Then the actress accused worked at it a woman in the theft. In turn, Sofia said that Alena distorts the facts. Resurrection reappeared in the Studio that caused a negative reaction from Kravets.

Alena Kravets scandal with a former housekeeper live

“This man is a PR on my behalf. She didn’t just hit my family. A real con artist and a thief… This woman can say anything you want. But all there – my daughter is well brought up, she remembers it as a quiet horror” – shared the singer.

At the moment the conflict women moved into the legal realm. The resurrection intends to seek recognition of his innocence through the courts. “And on the fact of slander, and for illegal retention,” claims the former housekeeper of the singer.