Alena Kravets sues housekeeper

Алёна Кравец подает в суд на домработницу
The singer demands from former AU pairs to 1 million rubles compensation for public insults.

Alena Kravets

Photo: Press service

The point in the protracted conflict Alena Kravets and her
the former housekeeper will be delivered soon. At the beginning of this
years singer
accused her of stealing an expensive ring and a fur coat.
In response to the allegations, the housekeeper said that she supposedly lived in the house
Kravets almost locked up. However,
at the beginning of the conflict further recriminations no further went. None of
the parties have not found evidence for claims. The truth decided to look for publicly
with the help of a lie detector live on the popular show on the Federal channel.
The absolute truth is not found under a sight of television cameras and millions
audience. However, during the broadcast housekeeper Alena Kravets gave way to the baser feelings and
words. And poured it on the former boss streams of expletives, in which lawyers of the singer saw the reason for the claim
on charges of public insult and defamation. Alena Kravets and her former employee
will meet in court in the near future. According to the lawyer of the actress
David Kemularia, the evidence base on the fact of public insults and slander
fully assembled and the claim will be transferred to judicial organs.

“Agree, when you all over the country, the air of the Federal channel called
“prostitute” and “whore” is an insult to the honor,
dignity and reputation, which must not go unpunished, says
Kravets.— Therefore, the amount of the claim must be substantial for the defendant. Over the past
six months this woman, maddened by their own impunity, have developed
hyperactive activity in social networks, continuing to put me
discredit, insult, up to incite hatred on social grounds.
And this is, among other things, article 282 of the criminal code. After such statements
maids, for example, about washing my pants, all this became the subject
public discussion. I always feel now sidelong glances and
whispering behind my back. Even if not, I can’t get rid of this
thoughts. Sometimes, it’s just unbearable, very morally difficult. About suing her
will notify the judge, as it should be. To engage her in any contacts I don’t
going. This woman is “loose” and fear, for some strange
why not know what they do. So count on the fact that she is at the moment
“sober up” and decide to go to the world — is not necessary. However, her apology
will no longer have for me no value. My nerves they are not
restore… I want her punished”.