Alena Kravets save the ruble from ruin

Алена Кравец спасает Рублевку от разрухи The singer is trying to rectify the situation. Alena Kravets created a petition and pointed out the flaws, which are noticeable only to residents of Odintsovo district. Socialite did not remain silent and appealed to the Governor of the Moscow region.
Алена Кравец спасает Рублевку от разрухи

Well-known singer Alena Kravets for 17 years, lives in elite district of Moscow region, on the ruble. The actress is outraged that now, when in Moscow at full speed there is a discussion of the renovation – the demolition of dilapidated houses, improvement of infrastructure, nobody pays attention to what happens near the capital. The singer is outraged that one of the most prestigious areas of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region is in a deplorable state.

“Of course, it seems that we are all well – worth luxury homes, but those who have lived here a long time, see the situation from the inside. Broken roads, ugly three-meter fences – is a must see for our children? We also have buildings, three-storey, five-storey, which also require repair. They are in poor condition, but still, they were still lives,” – said Alena “StarHit”.

Kravets determined – she created a petition to collect signatures. It is hoped that many will respond to her call, and it will help to attract the authorities ‘ attention to the existing problems. Alena turned to Governor Andrei Vorobyov with multiple requests to take down all not in compliance with premium and a comfortable construction of buildings and roads, which are included in the main part of the ruble, and the erection of anew, by literate urban plans.

“Dear neighbors, tired of traffic jams and wild developments, please sign this petition. We have the right to live comfortably where our house!” – Kravets wrote in the petition.

Alena admitted to “StarHit” that she and other concerned residents have repeatedly tried to improve the surrounding area on their own.

“We constantly have to invest their own money in to improve our neighborhood. Nevertheless, the situation is not improving. Because of the constant construction technique divides the asphalt surface, and therefore how much we would not do the repair, all in vain,” – said the singer.