Alena Kravets received a gift of a luxury car

Алена Кравец получила в дар шикарное авто The singer was surprised by such a generous gift. Alena Kravets gladly accepted the iron horse and was struck by the modesty of the boyfriend, who did not hold of giving a gift the whole show. The actress boasted to his fans.

      Singer Alena Kravets before he returned from a trip to the Cote d’azur. As it turned out, her house was an unexpected surprise for the boyfriend decided to surprise beautiful and give a luxurious Porsche. Alena was amazed nice show. She liked that the man without excessive pomposity. Kravets shared his joy with his fans.

      “In my stable interest – a young frisky Panther. Somehow without bows and other tinsel,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

      Fans of the artist were amazed at the generosity of the boyfriend, who does not skimp on luxury gifts to win the heart of beauty. They are glad that Alena has a new car that she will drive through the streets of Moscow. The actress admitted that rarely gets behind the wheel, because it relies on an experienced personal driver. “Be careful on the roads”, “Alyonushka happy for you! No nails, no wand!”, “Super, congratulations, let the wheels last a long time”, “Alena, thank you for the example that you give and re-assure that there is a decent and generous man,” – wrote in the microblog fans.

      In mid-January, Alena Kravets received a gift from boyfriend’s luxury home on Rublyovka. Young woman have long pondered whether she should move into the mansion. The fact that the actress has a daughter Danielle. Last year, the singer admitted in the program “Let them talk” that her ex millionaire husband raised her hand for what he saw in the house of a stranger man. Ex-husband didn’t want to believe her arguments that this is just the photographer who was going to an event where they were supposed to be Alena. According to Kravets, she’s out of courtesy, invited the man into the house, then to go for a social event. Alena Kravets told about the terrible life after her divorce from millionaire

      Not so long ago Alena decided to radically change the image. Fans admired the blond curls of the singer, but the artist dared to experiment – she went to his home light brown color. She noted that this was very much her choice, however after some time, still returned to the familiar blonde. Kravets believes that the boyfriend loves her not for external data.