Alena Kravets: “Ready to be a mom again”

Алена Кравец: «Готова стать мамой еще раз» The actress answered the pregnancy rumors. Alena Kravets did not hide that loves kids. The singer admitted that her daughter Daniella dreams that she had a younger brother or sister.
Алена Кравец: «Готова стать мамой еще раз»

Not so long ago the singer Alena Kravets came to support my friend Anna Kalashnikov at the presentation of her new clip. Some guests have noted changes in the figure of the artist. After seeing the photos in social networks, fans began to discuss the possible pregnancy of the actress and even to congratulate with the upcoming replenishment in the family. “StarHit” contacted Kravets to congratulate the singer. However, Alena did not give a clear answer.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have this news now chose not to comment. Everyone at the party saw what they saw. While I’m not ready to add something. All the time…honestly, I was so used to me constantly talking around me circulate persistent rumors and speculation. Some of them are really that-a figment of someone’s imagination. Now the case when the leaked information causes only positive emotions. As news of the impending birth of a child may not please the true woman”, – said Kravetz.

Now the actress is raising 10-year-old daughter Danielle, who was born in the marriage with oligarch Ruslan Kravets. The pair is now divorced. Despite the scandal that erupted late last year when the man raised a hand to the ex-spouse, he said he still loves ex-wife. Alena Kravets: “For the daughter I will fight to the last!”

The heiress artist and businessman dreams of a brother or sister. The singer did not hide that discussed the girl a possible addition to the family.

“You know, talking about it in our home come the last couple of years almost every day. Yes, she really wants a brother or sister. She already even has a little plan what she will teach them what games to play. She even names them comes up. I’m sure that it will be a good big sister,” admitted Allen.

Kravets said that she loves kids. She does not leave the thought of becoming a mom again, but not yet the mystery of when it would happen.

“I love children, consider myself a “crazy” mom. And, of course, I dream and ready to be a mom again. God willing, and more than once. Because women’s destiny is the kids” – shared Alena with “StarHit”.