Алена Кравец возмущена враньем домработницы The singer was forced to call the police. According to Alena Kravets, the girl who worked for her for less than a month, stole jewelry and a fur coat. However, she suspected trying to convince everyone that the famous artist forcibly detained her in his home and forced to work.

      Not so long ago the singer Alena Kravets returned to his daughter Danielle, who had not seen for a couple of months. Now the actress lives in a luxurious mansion with his successor. It became known that her housekeeper had to leave the house for family reasons. Allen was forced to urgently look for another person to take her place. The artist hired a woman Sonya, despite the fact that soiskatelei not had that experience. Singer warned that within a month she sets out on probation – the senior housekeeper had to teach her everything necessary. However, to the surprise Kravets, she did not tried.

      “Not only that, she is very lazy, was periodically closed in the Laundry room with a book in hand, referring to the fact that she has a higher education, and therefore it is necessary to read, and asked me for an advance. For me, her request was a little strange, but I tried to get into position and gave Sonya a small amount. In this, as it turned out later, was my mistake. One night she ran away, collecting things”, – said Kravetz “StarHit”.

      Allen was upset and frustrated by this behavior of his employee. Since the staff lives in separate house on the plot, no one could tell Kravets of the deed of Sony. A little later, the singer found that lost valuables – expensive ring and a fur coat. Alena tied the sudden escape of the girl with the theft.

      “I usually take them off and leave them on a special stand on the table. Somehow I noticed that I can’t find an ornament. I asked Sonia to help me with the missing – maybe it rolled off somewhere, anything can happen. But the girl oddly reacted to it and took the time to start looking. She went to the bathroom, very slowly something out there watching,” recalls Alain.

      Kravetz began to search for his former housekeeper, but she sent her abusive messages and threatened to avenge himself. Moreover, a little later, Alain was waiting for bad news – was raided by police. Law enforcement officers reported that Sonia wrote in her statement due to the fact that the mistress of the mansion allegedly held her against her will at his home and forced to work.

      “Despite the fact that the police knew me, they were obliged to see and talk to other workers. Of course, no reason for the prosecution is not and cannot be. In turn, I told her everything that had happened with Sonia for the time that she worked for me and, of course, of her escape and the loss of things. Now on it criminal case was opened and investigation is underway”, – said the singer.