Alena Kravets is preparing to sue a million maid

Алена Кравец готовится отсудить миллион у домработницы The singer is outraged by the statements women. Alena Kravets did not tolerate insults former employee of Sophia in the program “really”. The actress appealed to the lawyers to prepare a statement of claim.
Алена Кравец готовится отсудить миллион у домработницы

Recently aired program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. The presenter tried to understand the complicated case of the singer Alena Kravets. Last winter she told me that the housekeeper Sophia stole her valuables – a smart coat and an expensive ring. However, the woman did not recognize guilt, and tried to make excuses. Moreover, she talked about the fact that the house Kravets snubbed her – allegedly Alena took her documents.

In the program “really” Shepelev, together with the experts were able to clarify a bit, but Alena was insulted former housekeeper. Sophia did not hesitate in expressions and tried to discredit the singer. Alena Kravets brought clean water to stole things a housekeeper

Алена Кравец готовится отсудить миллион у домработницы “Believe me, the video was shown only a small part of what he said this woman. Moreover, abesamis from their own impunity, she developed hyperactive activity in social networks, continuing to expose me to discredit, insult, up to incite hatred on social grounds. And this is, among other things, article 282 of the criminal code. My lawyers are now analyzing and those acts for the search of a crime”, – said Alena.
Алена Кравец готовится отсудить миллион у домработницы

Kravec admitted that he does not intend to tolerate unpleasant words in the address and now consults with lawyers to go to court. She intends to recover from obesity a large sum of money. Alena believes that defamation should not go unpunished.

“If to speak about world practice, the amount of claims is in fact public insults reaches several million dollars. Of course, in our reality to expect it not to happen. So, I think, we restrict the conditional to me the sum of one million rubles. But for me it’s not so much a question of money. I care about the moral and ethical side of the issue. Agree, when you all over the country, the air of the Federal channel, referred to as “the prostitute” and “whore” is an insult of honor, dignity and reputation, which should not go unpunished. Therefore, the amount of the claim must be substantial for the defendant. Finally I decide, after consultation with the lawyer, when he will prepare all the necessary documents”, – said Alena “StarHit”.

Kravets is glad that her family and friends have supported in the intention through court to get justice and to stop the flow of accusations against him. Alena is not afraid that the proceedings can take a lot of time and nerves – it is important to defend the good name.

“The statement of claim in court will be filed in the near future. At the moment I’m studying the latest information and finalize. Usually within one month application will be considered by the court and the date for the hearing. Directly the judicial review of such cases, if the sum claimed is acceptable in the Russian reality, it takes about two months. In the case of Alena Kravets we are talking about compensation of one million rubles, I do not think that is a large amount. In General civil disputes always is very delicate. Much depends on the position of a judge in a particular case. I can say that in our case the evidence base on the fact that public insults and defamation are collected in full. And I’m pretty sure that the claim of Alena Kravets to the former housekeeper will be satisfied”, – said the lawyer Alena David Kemularia.

Alena admitted that after filming and broadcast of the program “In fact,” she felt crushed. “I always feel now the looks and the discussion behind. Even if not, I can’t get it off my mind. Sometimes it’s just unbearable, very hard mentally,” said Kravets.