Alena Kravets brought clean water to stole things a housekeeper

Алена Кравец вывела на чистую воду укравшую вещи домработницу The actress found out what prompted a woman to take expensive jewelry. Alena Kravets and her former worker Sophia resurrection met face to face on the talk show “actually”. The owner of the mansion on the ruble received truthful answers to all her interest.
Алена Кравец вывела на чистую воду укравшую вещи домработницу

In the beginning of the year housekeeper of the singer and model Alena Kravets said that the mistress of the mansion on the ruble, has taken away documents and forced to work. However, the blonde beauty revealed that her slave Sophia resurrection could hardly cope with their responsibilities – she chose to sit and read. Kravets suspects that because of the staff she lost her expensive fur coat and a ring.

The worker, in turn, accused Allen in contempt and violation of the rights allegedly Kravets took her passport and because she miraculously managed to escape from the house to call the police. Today women are participating in the program “really”. Presenter Dmitry Shepelev decided to sort out the complicated case and with the help of a lie detector to find out who is telling the truth. Alena Kravets outraged by the lies maids

Alena said that she was quite strict towards his subordinates – specially ordered uniforms for staff, banned bright makeup, long nails and using perfume. She demanded respect from the workers.

“The last point I sit to eat, she came something to eat. At the moment, just not for me sits at a table. I asked Sonia to remove the dog, she took a rag from the sink and call goes to clean. This is just bestiality! I have such eyes I have never seen”, – said Alena.
Алена Кравец вывела на чистую воду укравшую вещи домработницу

The housekeeper Sophia spoke about how she appeared at the home of the famous blonde. In her opinion, the former spouse of artist Ruslan Kravets contacted her before the New year. When Shepelev spoke about the escape of the women, they had different versions. Alena says that Sophia left the house at night.

Experts have determined that a maid cheating – she wore her clothes, eating food from the owner’s fridge, and also made recordings.

“A lot that was unsold, was given to the staff,” he explained his behavior in the resurrection.

Алена Кравец вывела на чистую воду укравшую вещи домработницу

Also the mistress of a country mansion accused in the Church that with her arrival, a guard dog, which was only three years old, poisoned. She suspected that the housekeeper had made it so that the life of the animal suddenly disappeared. However, the lie detector determined that the woman has no relation to the death of the beloved pet Alena.

At the end of the program Dmitry Shepelev asked experts to answer the most important questions – whether withholding the truth of the resurrection from his former employers if she takes an expensive fur coat and a ring, which is estimated to cost several tens of millions. the device showed that Sophia was not lying – she didn’t take fur. Although resurrection denied any involvement in the theft of jewelry, polygraph Roman Ustyuzhanin drew the attention of the audience at some points.

“You heard the chief. The truth is that she took the ring to get revenge. Alien soul – darkness. But it’s a lie,” – said the expert.