Alena Kravets asked domrabotnica the thief on the polygraph

Алена Кравец задала вопросы домроботнице-воровке на полиграфе

The blond singer Alena Kravets met face-to-face with his ex-housekeeper Sophia resurrection, which was charged with the theft of expensive jewellery. The girls met at the program “really”. Kravets asked questions, to which the housekeeper had to answer truthfully.

Алена Кравец задала вопросы домроботнице-воровке на полиграфе

Girl was found after a huge scandal. Sophia resurrection accused the boss that she took her papers and forced to work. Kravets has denied the charges and said she was not going to work, and just sat and watched TV. Soon, a celebrity noticed the loss of expensive jewelry, which accuses the former employee. Missing the coat and the ring.

The girls accused each other, especially Sophia said that she took her passport. That would go to the police, she had to run away from home. Now they’ve met on the program “actually” and will be able to ask questions, the answers to which should give the polygraph.

Алена Кравец задала вопросы домроботнице-воровке на полиграфе

Very tender with subordinates Kravets was not, and even put very strict conditions. Workers went to a special form, which model ordered herself. Workers could not afford bright make-up and make a long manicure. Girls could not even use the perfume. The boss demanded respect from his subordinates, for which he paid them money.

“The last point I sit to eat, she came something to eat. At the moment, just not for me sits at a table. I asked Sonia to remove the dog, she took a rag from the sink and call goes to clean. This is just bestiality! I have such eyes I have never seen,” protested a celebrity because of the behavior of his slave maids.

Sophia said that the ex-husband of model, Ruslan Kravets hired her to work before the new year, and the question of escape girls, they have a different version. Alain assured the experts that the employee left in the night.

Was asked a number of questions and the polygraph determined that the housekeeper still eating from the fridge hostess, wore her clothes and even recorded private conversations of the singer. “Much of what is stale, to give the staff”, — hastened to justify himself in the resurrection.

Kravets also accused the former employee of poisoning her guard dog. After the arrival of the resurrection in country house model, pet is suddenly poisoned. In the end, the lie detector returned a verdict — the girl has no relation to the deterioration of life of the animal.

At the end of the programme the experts have to say the verdict, which will illuminate the truth of the main issues of the program. It turned out that Sophia didn’t steal the coat and ring, the cost of which is estimated at tens of millions. “You heard the chief. The truth is that she took the ring to get revenge. Alien soul – darkness. But it’s a lie,” said the verdict of the expert.