Alena Kravets and Dana Borisova a scandal

Алена Кравец и Дана Борисова закатили скандал The singer publicly denounced his colleague in show business. Says Kravets, Dana Borisova left her angry messages, which was not shy in his statements. TV presenter, in turn, expressed outrage at the behavior of Alena.
Алена Кравец и Дана Борисова закатили скандал

Singer and frequent guest of various TV shows Alena Kravets made accusations against Dana Borisova. Socialite has published a screenshot of correspondence with a colleague in show business. Says Alena, Dana didn’t like her remarks. According to Borisova, Kravets allowed myself to condemn her behavior. Aliblondee was outraged by the words of Alena and left her a private message on Instagram.

Алена Кравец и Дана Борисова закатили скандал“Dear! Was more of you in high regard. Discuss with all cheap men my person, and even to Express to them my desire to meet is beyond me. I am a woman is a believer, not allow, in principle, imagine such things, and you, as I see it, the woman is not as worthy. I would even say that the cheap” – quoted Kravets message allegedly left by her Borisova.
Алена Кравец и Дана Борисова закатили скандал

Alain said he did not understand what exactly it claims it is. Kravets believes that Borisov allowed myself to use a banned substance, then decided to engage her in conversation.

“Sit yourself in a beautiful place, at your favorite restaurant in Courchevel, celebrate someone close to me. And suddenly Mademoiselle cuckoo, which supposedly was cured (which I strongly doubt), and I, naive protector of the orphaned and needy, earnestly defended in the air of Federal channels from all attacks, wrote me at Christmas that’s such a low gross. Have you nothing remained of the noble and Holy?! Although with your lifestyle and omission of decency to say no longer necessary. What can I say, my friends, drug addicts, ex prostitutes, does not happen”, – said Alena.

Social media users asked for comments to Dana Borisova. The presenter reviewed with the publication of followers, and hastened to meet Alena Kravets. Dana has expressed outrage at the behavior of the singer and condemned her act.

“Very wrong of you behave, dear Alain, I will not discuss and retell all those nasty hashtags that you put against my name. I just politely asked you to be careful and not to promise sex “incomprehensible cheap non-Russian men.” And you’re very dirty, you dare to insult the believing women, which, incidentally, is now in Rilsky monastery on the grave of the elder Ippolito and asks for you including the” – shared was Given.

At the end of his address to Kravets Borisov said that was never in Courchevel. According to This, she prefers other places.

“I’m glad for you that you are in Courchevel, there’s probably swearing and insulting believing women in order. Haven’t been there, I don’t know, but I’m in the monastery is more like it. The people here are kinder and more spiritual”, – concluded the leader.

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