Alena Khmelnitskaya told about the claims to the former spouse

Алена Хмельницкая рассказала о претензиях к бывшему супругу Two years ago, actress and famous film Director Tigran Keosayan announced the divorce. In the 21 years they have had two daughters – Aleksandra and Xenia. Fans could not understand what was the cause of discord in the family of the star couple.

      Алена Хмельницкая рассказала о претензиях к бывшему супругу

      In 2014, broke a couple of creative people – actress Alena Khmelnytsky and directed by Tigran Keosayan. Fans could not believe that relationships are a strong family celebrities could crack. Despite the fact that Allen and Tigran decided to divorce, they were able to maintain friendly relations without mutual insults and accusations. Now, two years after the divorce, the actress is glad that it happened that way. Alena Khmelnitskaya accustomed to the role of a lonely woman

      “Apparently, at that time, when we broke up, we didn’t have to each other claims. We communicate, as communicated, will no longer be husband and wife. Divorce is the fact that the separation happened gradually of course, so we didn’t have against each other no hard feelings and complaints. The decision of two adults that were together. I’m glad it happened this way” – says Khmelnytsky.
      Алена Хмельницкая рассказала о претензиях к бывшему супругу

      In the 21 years that Khmelnytsky and only one woman lived together, they had two daughters – Aleksandra and Xenia. The eldest girl is 22 years and the youngest only six years old. Alena admits that very happy trusting relationship with heirs. Alexander believes she’s his girlfriend and admits that since childhood noticed the wisdom and discretion girls.

      “With Sasha, I have never had any serious quarrels, or even the difficulties of the transition period. The usual problems that happen with adolescents, we have not experienced. Sasha has always been a sane, adult children — sometimes even seemed more Mature than me,” shared the actress.

      The actress is glad that her heir has an interest in cinema and is now studying to be a Director. The youngest daughter Ksenia has not yet decided what she likes more – sports or creativity. The girl has been swimming and walks in the children’s musical theatre, and next year will go to the first class.

      “Ksyusha hard to negotiate because it always bends the line. She has not yet gone to school, but is already engaged in many different circles. Can’t say that we have problems with perseverance, although the restrictions are tough on her,” – said in an interview with the Khmelnytsky