Alena Khmelnitskaya met a new love

Алена Хмельницкая встретила новую любовь The actress hinted at a serious relationship with a man. At the next showing of the musical “Cinderella” Khmelnitsky supported beloved. Alena tries not to rush things, therefore, says little about the chosen one.

      Алена Хмельницкая встретила новую любовь

      Famous actress Alena Khmelnytsky plays the role of the stepmother in the musical “Cinderella” which show at the theater “Russia”. The performance, which took place the night before came to her parents. They came from Europe to enjoy the setting with daughter. Also among the audience was new choice Khmelnytskyi, businessman Alexander Sinusin.

      Previously the movie star was not seen with him in public. According to Alena, she preferred not to disclose details of his personal life. However, at the premiere of the musical she had to admit that she has a new relationship.

      “Yes, we’re Dating. My family and close friends are already familiar with Sasha, but we don’t like to force things and make loud statements,” Khmelnytsky told reporters.

      Recall that about two years ago the community was shocked with the news about the divorce Alena Khmelnytsky and Tigran Keosayan. They lived together for 21 years. Soon the Director had a different family, and Alyona has devoted herself to raising two daughters. Khmelnytsky explained that her links with his new wife Keosayan

      “We continue to communicate: how close people, as friends, as parents of two beautiful daughters. But as a couple we would probably hurt each other a lot of pain. Before, there were different moments of our growing up, misunderstandings. But there is no such period, which I would have thought: “Lord, it is good that it was not!” No, everything has a meaning and its causal relationship,” admitted Alain to the edition “7 days”.

      Former spouses often spend holidays together. On the last day of the birth of his daughter Khmelnytsky, invited Keosayan with his beloved Margarita Simonyan. “A year ago this idea would have seemed to me ridiculous and insane, but, apparently, it’s time… And the photos turned out so: we sat, talked, drank, were about forty people — it’s not that the four of us gathered. One of us suggested, “Maybe take a picture?” And why not? The next day phoned Margo: “Well, blow up the public?” Posted photos in social networks. It was cool,” said Khmelnitskaya.