Алена Хмельницкая сделала признание об отношениях с Тиграном Кеосаяном
The actress explained why continues to communicate with her ex-husband.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

Five years ago, ended with a beautiful tale of love Alena Khmelnytsky and Tigran Keosayan. Former spouses continue to maintain communication, although the actress as she recently admitted, do not enjoy meeting and talking with the ex-husband. Perhaps if Alena and Tigran had no children, they would now have not even tried to seek mutual understanding. But the couple has two daughters, for whose parents he had buried “the hatchet”.

On the days Alena said in an interview that he found the strength to communicate with her husband only to make the children feel happy. A rare “date” with Tigran Khmelnytskyi does not cause positive emotions. But the actress puts the care of children above their old grudges.

“Tigran communicate normally, but his new family also have children. Not to say that these contacts give me great pleasure. Of course, we are not “screeeeam” teeth when they met, but still, it’s difficult. We’d rather do it for the kids. So they were happy and communicated with each other!” — Khmelnytsky said in the program “Once” with Sergey Mayorov.

Alena and Tigran has two children: 23-year-old Alexander and seven-year daughter Xenia. The eldest heiress of the couple now lives overseas, where he graduated from the directing courses. And Ksenia this year went to the first class Metropolitan schools.