Alena Khmelnitskaya is suffering in separation from the younger daughter

Алена Хмельницкая страдает в разлуке с младшей дочкой
The actress is having a hard time parting with Ksenia.

Алена Хмельницкая страдает в разлуке с младшей дочкой

Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughter Ksenia

Alena Khmelnitskaya is experiencing due to the fact that he was forced to leave on a business trip, leaving seven year-old daughter at home. In social networks, the actress writes about how much suffering from separation from Xenia. And remembers that her parents were also away on tour, and long absent from home. At that time it was impossible at any time, online “chat” with the family. Alain was waiting for parents postcards with warm wishes, which sometimes were so long that parents had by this time already back.

“Well, there is a video! Tell Ksyushka, as my parents went away on tour of the Bolshoi theatre for a month, and then 2, and call after all, if only the card would have come before their arrival! But still internal discord… Though only gone for a week. But, when you arrive, there will be a real joy, stories, questions… and that’s fine!” — says Alena.

Although Khmelnytsky and gnawing remorse, she was sure that when she grows up and will choose an interesting job, you will definitely understand my mother.

Alexander Sinusin daughter Alena Khmelnytsky

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

Recall that in his personal life Alena not so long ago has finally arrived harmony. After a painful breakup with Tigran keosayanom she had an affair with businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny, who is 12 years her younger. He, incidentally, had excellent relationships with Ksenia. “Sasha with her immediately became very warm to talk to. He painted, sculpted, was playing hide and seek. He she even allowed to do anything with them! You know, there are people who do not know how to work with children, and there are those who know how. Here for Sasha it is easy and simple. He could stay with Ksenia, to feed, give to drink, to do the homework. It is not vaprak!” — says Alain.