Alena Khmelnitskaya is resting with a young lover

Алена Хмельницкая отдыхает с молодым возлюбленным The former wife of film Director Tigran Keosayan is happy with her new young lover, 34-year-old businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny. They spend a lot of time together. For the holidays the couple went to India, resort Goa, along with 7-year-old daughter Alena from his first marriage.
Алена Хмельницкая отдыхает с молодым возлюбленным

Actress Alena Khmelnytsky was married to Director Tigran Keosayan more than 20 years, married this creative couple had two children – the eldest daughter of Alexander, 23 years, Junior Xenia – seven. Tigran gone from Alena to journalist Margarita Simonyan. Despite the fact that Khmelnytsky was very upset by the divorce, she was able to cope and to start to live again to the fullest. Here already almost half a year Alena meets up with a young businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny, which is engaged in the rental sound and lighting equipment for various shows. Alena does not hide his happiness, regularly shares with fans fresh photos from the beloved.

New year Alena met my ex-husband and his new wife about what salelopid.

Wife of Tigran Keosayan will celebrate New year together

And immediately after that went together with the beloved man in India, resort Goa, where according to her, it was for the first time.

“Hello from Goa! Happy New year! Happiness! Love! Freedom! And the world! My God, how beautiful. I’m new here, is this some sort of tale, really,” said Alena.

Алена Хмельницкая отдыхает с молодым возлюбленным

While in warmer climes Alena took a seven-year-old daughter Ksenia. By the way, the actress admitted that her new lover, Alexander hit it off immediately with her children. And this fact allowed her to make an important decision and should move to Senesino. Despite the fact that Alena and Alexander professionally does not intersect, they are interested in each other. Friends say that have not seen the actress so happy. A hindrance to relations not was the age difference – Alexander younger than his famous girlfriend of 12 years. To marry the lovers is both a formal Alliance would be the second. Alexander Sinusin divorced with a teenage son.