Alena Khmelnitskaya is forced to communicate with Tigran keosayanom for children

Алена Хмельницкая вынуждена общаться с Тиграном Кеосаяном ради детей The actress revealed the true cause of friendly relations with her ex-husband. In the program “Once” Alena Khmelnitskaya said that normally communicates with the ex-spouse, but is in touch with him only for children.
Алена Хмельницкая вынуждена общаться с Тиграном Кеосаяном ради детей

Alena Khmelnitskaya and Tigran Keosayan was considered the perfect couple for twenty years. However, in 2014 the couple broke up, and soon the Director got married to another woman and again became a father. Now a popular actress prefers not to comment on his personal life, but made an exception for the “One day”.

Alain told that maintains normal relations with her ex-husband. They managed to part friends, but their communication is limited to occasional phone calls and meetings.

“Tigran communicate normally, but his new family also have children. Not to say that these contacts give me great pleasure. Of course, we are not “screeeeam” teeth when they met, but still, it’s difficult. We’d rather do it for the kids. So they were happy and communicated with each other,” said Khmelnitskaya.
Алена Хмельницкая вынуждена общаться с Тиграном Кеосаяном ради детей

Now the star devotes all his spare time seven-year daughter Xenia. But the older heir to the star couple lives in the USA. Then Alexandra Keosayan has received Director education. She takes her first short work, and at every available opportunity visiting his parents in Russia.

By the way, Alexander first learned of the impending divorce of my mom and dad. My parents had a long time to find the words to properly tell the girl about the changes in his personal life.

“Tigran wanted to go to America and tell her eye to eye. But I rejected this idea. She was after all my native people, the closest, and I wouldn’t be able to hide from Sasha this news for a long time. So we called and said on the phone. Not to say that we took off her rose-colored glasses. Sasha could still see what way it goes, the divorce has been brewing for a long time. However, she had hoped, and so the news was a shock,” he shared memories of the actress.

Now the media are actively discussing a new novel Khmelnytskyi with businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny. However, the actress refused to comment on the subject. She emphasizes that feeling of absolute harmony and therefore are satisfied with their current life.

Fans, meanwhile, do not get tired to mention how looks young Alain. Her pictures always gather hundreds of likes, and the star admits he does not feel the current age.

“A girlfriend telling me how much I want grandchildren. And I’m not ready, I have a little daughter, there is someone to babysit. However, if Sasha was going into labour, I’ll be thrilled. There will be one more person to love” – said the star.