Алена Хмельницкая: «У меня нет комплексов из-за разницы в возрасте»
The actress spoke on what feats for the sake of it you have to go to her beloved.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elect Alena Hmelnitsky, Alexander Sinusin, 12 years younger than her, but the actress admitted that it is absolutely embarrassing.

“I didn’t choose the man’s age, — Alena smiles. — Not that I had any strong complexes about it, but honestly, I never thought that with such a difference can be a serious relationship. Besides, anyway, and I’m a man with some Luggage and two kids… But the sachet is still, and he laughs at me, I have some
internal troubles on the subject. By the way, his two older relatives
sisters. And one of them is the same age as me. Maybe that’s why
Sasha is so easy to communicate with me”.

Rather, problems arise when it is not about age, but about the way of life. And beloved man in Khmelnytskyi have to take a feat to support Alyona.

“I am the existing man, known, public, — says the actress. — And my son absolutely does not tolerate the attention. For his feat to go somewhere together. I have long since learned to ignore, to defend, to drop off all these looks. And he’s not. It for stress and savagery, when the offer: “Let’s get a picture with you!” He doesn’t understand why I’m so happily photographed. And I explain that it’s much easier than to refuse. In General, we have a lot of things that have to be overcome. And age they do not relate to the Topic of age we have gradually passed. The only thing I have in this situation is annoying is that I fell into the trend. It’s just like some Chapter from “Sex in the city”. Think: e-my, and now will start to talk me, and I will be in line with all these ladies over forty who decided to make life with a young man…”.

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