Алена Хмельницкая объяснила, за что благодарна бывшему супругу The actress explained why she married Tigran Keosayan. Alena Khmelnitskaya was the guest of the program, Kira Proshutinskaya “Wife. A love story”. The star of the film “hearts of three” told me how quickly she decided to become the wife of the Director.

      Алена Хмельницкая объяснила, за что благодарна бывшему супругу

      Actress Alena Khmelnytsky’s not afraid to talk about marriage with Tigran keosayanom. She married Director in 1993, just a few months after meeting. Star remembered in the program the Kira Proshutinskaya “Wife. Love story”, how was their relationship with ARIN in the beginning of family life.

      “The child wanted. And it’s not necessary to get married – that’s what I thought. For a long time we just met at professional gatherings. Long enough just to say Hello. Met when he asked me to star in his advertising. This started our serious conversation. After two or three days of talking I realized that I wanted to be together. And six months later got married,” explained Alena Khmelnitskaya. The actress said that she was attracted to the hero that he was very confident he had a clear plan of action and the understanding that success will come to him.

      Khmelnytsky explained that her links with his new wife Keosayan

      “Perhaps you can meet a month or two. But Tigran somehow quickly all realized we didn’t have obstacles. It was all very mutually, logically and harmoniously,” he shared with the leading Khmelnytsky.
      Алена Хмельницкая объяснила, за что благодарна бывшему супругу

      Remembers a close friend of the actress, Alan and Tigran first went to acquaint each other with friends and parents. Keosayan was fascinated by all the friends of the future spouse. According to the actress, her husband always wanted two children, so I was glad the birth of daughters Sasha and Susie. The first child was born in Stockholm, because the parents Khmelnytskyi were at this time in Sweden.As stated by the artist, Keosayan was ready for them and the heirs of his responsibility dictated to him the right demeanor.

      With the beginning of professional takeoff Keosayan began to rise and Khmelnytskyi. She shared that they played in the movies your husband in when it was suitable for the role or she liked the script. She never tried to claim all the main roles.

      “Tigran’ve never shot something specifically for me. And he was not jealous, when I was shot by other Directors in the more successful paintings. For me, the biggest praise were the words of Tigran. He knows I can. His opinion of me is important”, – said the actress.
      Алена Хмельницкая объяснила, за что благодарна бывшему супругу

      It would seem that things are going very well in the life of Alena and Tigran, but the 21-year-old marriage is cracking and led to the divorce. Alena Khmelnitskaya able to adequately break up with her husband, gradually forgetting all grudges. According to the actress, she’s not even afraid to return to the profession after a break up with a spouse, although many believed that she did not succeed. Her friend, the actress Ekaterina Semyonova said that Alena begins a new period, which must necessarily bring something new into her life. “Suddenly she will have a new big love. Alena – the man who makes others happy. A year and a half and she will again be married. Such a beautiful girl alone don’t stay” – shared his opinion Semenov.

      The actress said that relates to this period with a share of irony. According to her, it was the biggest and best stage in her life. She is grateful for everything that happened. Khmelnytsky communicates with Keosayanom and his new wife Margarita Simonyan and believes that building a friendship now will be the right decision. Khmelnytsky spoke about the divorce from Keosayan

      “There was this stage in life. It was a long, full-bodied. This stage was probably the best. Thanks to this step, and go further,” said Alain at the end of the program.