Алена Хмельницкая делает шпагат на уровне гимнасток
The physical form of 46-year-old actress is the envy of her peers.

Алена Хмельницкая делает шпагат на уровне гимнасток

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

This summer Alena Khmelnytsky’s not much time remains
on vacation. The actress starred in the title role in the TV serial film
“Expect a unexpected” on the novel by Tatiana Ustinova for the channel “TV Center”.

The main shooting took place in Saint-Petersburg and to
to stay in shape during the working day, Khmelnytska every morning starts with
workout right in the hotel room. Actress, for example, easily does the splits and
does stretching.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

Photo: Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

A pleasant surprise on the set of this project was
a boat trip on the Volga, where Alena took his youngest daughter. In this
year Ksenia goes to the first class and famous mom tries to spoil it in
the remaining study days.

And, this weekend, Peter Allen came to her boyfriend, businessman
Alexander Sinusin. About their new relationship, the actress said last year. Alena
and Alexander is already out as a couple. For example, together they visited the
premiere of a new film of Emir Kusturica “the milky way” where they could
to meet and chat with Monica Bellucci.