Алёна Хмельницкая не жалеет о браке с Тиграном Кеосаяном

In 2014, the whole of cinema and show-business party of Russia was amazed by the news that Tigran Keosayan not only left his beautiful wife Alena Hmelnitsky, but found her replacement. The new woman gave birth to a famous filmmaker of the child. Of course, in the eyes of the public, Alena received the status of a deceived unfaithful women. But Alain did not consider himself a victim and certainly do not regret the years she spent with her famous husband.

Married Khmelnytska doing the same thing and spent about twenty years, during this time, influencing the formation of attitude to each other.
“We have been married for 21 years, and thanks to each other become who we are. Don’t know if we didn’t know each other worse, we would not have, but what would other people – that’s for sure. So how can you regret?” — said Alain in an interview.
By the way, three months after the divorce, Khmelnytsky came to the premiere of the musical with new Beau Peter Letovym, PR Director of one of the companies of cellular communication. Wordsmiths immediately suspected a couple in a relationship, but Alena herself refutes this information.
“I had no idea that my public appearance with another man can cause a wave of discussions. I at that time already was a free woman, and not seeing anything wrong to go out with a man. Moreover, that with Peter we have been friends for a long time, we just made each other company. Yeah, looked good, but there’s nothing between us. Moreover, he recently married and became a father – so that he, and I’m okay” — said Alain.
We will remind that Tigran Alena married in 1993, and a year later the couple was born the eldest daughter of Alexander. The youngest daughter Ksenia was born in 2010, but her appearance is, unfortunately, not saved his parents ‘ marriage.

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